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Pipe Wall Thickness Calculator - Per ASME B31.1, Power Piping Code



   (eg W = 1.0)
   (eg y = 0.4)


General Notes:

Note: Refer to the "Terms and Conditions" in the 'About' section before using the software.
1) PipeSelect_B31_1 is a software program that can be used to determine the wall thickness of pipes based on internal pressure.

2) By choosing the appropriate pipe schedule for the selected pipe diameter, material, design temperature etc., the user can determine if the selected pipe is suitable for the internal pressure considered. Calculations presented are based on the listed version of ASME B31.1 Power Piping code.

3) A number of different material types and grades (steel) are available for use. The materials and their properties presented, are taken from the listed version of ASME B31.1 code. Additional materials may be added on request.

4) Equations used :-
tm = (P*Do)/(2*(SE*W+P*y)) + A;
If Do/t < 6, use y = d/(d + Do) for ferritic and austenetic steels upto 900 °F.
d = inside diameter of pipe, is the maximum possible value allowable under the purchase specification, in

5) Suggested thread allowance from ASME B1.20.1 - 2013 Ed.
Pipe Nominal Size             Height of thread, h (thread allowance) (in)
1/2                                       0.05714
3/4                                       0.05714
1                                           0.06957
1-1/2                                    0.06957

6) Pressure calculations are based on internal pressure only. When external pressure / other loadings need to be considered, the user needs to consult appropriate code sections.

7) Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) needs to be verified in accordance with the code section by the user.

8) The Program is based on ASME B31.1 Code - 2022 Ed.

9) Hit "Calculate" button every time any input variables are changed so the program updates the output values.

10) Hit "Download" button to download and save the input data to your local computer.

11) Hit "Choose File" to retrieve input data saved on to your local computer.

12) If you notice any error, please let us know, so that can be rectified.

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