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Blank Thickness Calculator - Per ASME B31.3, Process Piping Code






General Notes:

Note: Refer to the "Terms and Conditions" in the 'About' section before using the software.
1) ASME_B31_3_Blank is a software program that can be used to determine the thickness of blanks based on internal pressure.

2) The available pipe sizes vary from 1/2 in to 24 in.

3) A number of carbon steel, stainless steel material grades commonly used for blanks are available for use. The materials and their properties presented, are taken from the listed version of ASME B31.3 code. Additional materials may be added on request.

4) Equations used :-
tm = dg * sqrt ((3*P)/(16*S*E*W)) + c; dg1 = dg in eqn; Obtain dg1 from ASME B16.20 - Metallic gaskets for pipe flanges.

5) Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) needs to be verified in accordance with the code section by the user.

6) This calculator checks for blank thickness only. The user needs to select suitable flanges based on pressure temperature ratings. The user may use our Flange ratings calculator for that.

7) The Program is based on ASME B31.3 Code - 2018 Ed.

8) If you notice any error, please let us know, so that can be rectified.

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