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General Notes:

Note: Refer to the "Terms and Conditions" in the 'About' section before using the software.

1) Pump NPSH Calculator is a software program that can be used to verify the Net Positive Inlet Pressure (NPIP) requirements of a reciprocating pump or Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) requirements of a centrifugal pump.

2) The procedure is based on GPSA Engineering Data Book - 14th Edition.

3) Pipe sizes varying from 1/2 in nominal diameter to 48 in nominal diameter.
Pipe sizes are taken from ANSI / ASME 36.10M,

4) You may use 'Piping Pressure Drop Calculator', available in this site to find the pressure drop in the piping.

5) The user needs to select / fill in relevant input data. It is assumed that the suction line can consist of a maximum of 2 different pipe diameters. Once the relevant input data is filled / selected, the user needs to hit the 'Submit' button. so the acceleration head, ha value for the reciprocating pump can be calculated by the program. The program calculates the available NPIP for the reciprocating pump and then compares this value to the required NPIP value for the pump. If the pump in consideration is a centrifugal pump, the program calculates the available NPSH for the centrifugal pump and then compares this value to the required NPSH value for the pump.

Terminology used for centrifugal pumps:
NPSHA - Net Positive Suction Head Available, ft
NPSHR - Net Positive Suction Head Required, ft

Terminology used for reciprocating pumps:
NPIPA - Net Positive Inlet Pressure Available. psi
NPIPR - Net Positive Inlet Pressure Required, psi

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