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General Notes:

Note: Refer to the "Terms and Conditions" in the 'About' section before using the software.

1) Pump NPSH Calculator is a software program that can be used to verify the Net Positive Inlet Pressure (NPIP) requirements of a reciprocating pump or Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) requirements of a centrifugal pump.

2) The procedure is based on GPSA Engineering Data Book - 14th Edition.

3) Pipe sizes varying from 1/2 NPS (DN 15) nominal diameter to 48 NPS (DN 1200) nominal diameter.
Pipe sizes are taken from ANSI / ASME 36.10M,

4) You may use 'Piping Pressure Drop Calculator', available in this site to find the pressure drop in the piping.

5) The user needs to select / fill in relevant input data. It is assumed that the suction line can consist of a maximum of 2 different pipe diameters. Once the relevant input data is filled / selected, the user needs to hit the 'Submit' button. so the acceleration head, ha value for the reciprocating pump can be calculated by the program.

Terminology used:
NPSHA - Net Positive Suction Head Available, m
NPSHR - Net Positive Suction Head Required, m

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