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Piping Pressure Drop Calculator - SI Units (Part 1)


Piping Pressure Drop Calculator - SI Units (Part 2)



General Notes:

Note: Refer to the "Terms and Conditions" in the 'About' section before using the software.
1) Piping Pressure Drop Calculator is a software program that can be used to estimate the pressure drop in a piping system.

2) The fluid inside the piping needs to be a single phase liquid or vapour / gas.

3) The piping system in consideration can consist of pipes, valves and fittings.

4) The procedure is based on GPSA Engineering Databook - 14th edition.

5) Pipe sizes vary from '1-1/2' in (DN40) nominal diameter to 60 in (DN1500) nominal diameter.
Pipe sizes are taken from ANSI / ASME 36.10M.

6) The user needs to select / fill in relevant input data and then click 'Submit' button so the appropriate Equivalent Length for the selected fittings / valves are calculated. Miscellaneous items such as strainers with known equivalent lengths can be entered manually under Miscellaneous1 to 3 sections.

7) The program can calculate the pressure drop /change for a system that has a constant pipe diameter. For systems that have multiple pipe diameters, the program needs to be run separately for each pipe diameter and pressure drops / changes can be added up.

8) 'Submit' button needs to be clicked when any changes are made to the input so the program updates the calculation.

9) If you notice any error, please let us know, so that can be rectified.

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