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Gauss Seidel Method

Gauss Elimination Method - No Pivoting

Gauss Elimination Method - With Pivoting

Successive Over Relaxation - SOR Method

Thomas Algorithm

Bisection Method

Secant Method

Regula Falsi Method

Newton's Method

Fixed Point Iteration Method

Numerical Integration -Trapezoidal Rule

Numerical Integration - Simpson's One-Third Rule

Numerical Integration - Simpson's Three-Eighth Rule

Numerical Integration - Gauss Quadrature - 2 point

Numerical Integration - Gauss Quadrature - 4 point

ODE - Explicit Euler Method

ODE - Implicit Euler Method

ODE - Modified Euler Method


ODE - 4th Order Runge Kutta Method

ODE - Stiff ODEs - Explicit, Implicit Euler Methods

ODE - System of ODEs - Explicit Euler Method

ODE - System of ODEs -Fourth Order Runge Kutta Method

1D Heat Conduction in Cartesian Coordinates - SS - No heat generation

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_BTCS

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_CN

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_CN_Flux_BCs_July_08_2018

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS_Convection_BCs

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS

1D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS_flux_BC

1D_Heat Conduction_Cyl_Coordinates_SS_no_heat_gen

1D_Heat Conduction_Cyl_Coordinates_Transient

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_SS_no_heat_gen

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_SS_with_heat_gen

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_BTCS

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_ADI

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS - Convection BCs

2D_Heat Conduction_Cart_Coordinates_Transient_FTCS_Flux_BCs

2D_Heat Conduction_Cyl_Coordinates_Transient_Heart





1D_Convection_Equation - Part1

1D_Convection_Equation - Part2


1D_Wave_Equation_Finite Difference